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  1. John 1:18-29

    Welcome to another week of Bible study, everyone! God's rich peace to you in Christ as you open the Scriptures.

  2. John 1:15-18

    Grace to you in our Lord Jesus, friends! I'm glad to have you along today for Bible study.

  3. John 1:14

    The Word became flesh and dwelt among us...

    Welcome to another day of Bible study, friends!

  4. John1:6-14

    More today on the very beautiful, and rather deep, opening of the Gospel according to John. Welcome, everyone!

  5. John 1:1-5

    Today we begin our look at the book of John in earnest. Welcome, everyone!

  6. John, Introduction

    New series begins today, everyone! Great to have you here for the opening of the Gospel according to John!



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