Principles of Leadership R1 2016

In this portfolio, you will find videos that my students shot on the first 2016 Principles of Leadership residential school. There are two types of videos:
1. Short 10-minute videos that explain a particular theory to their classmates.
2. Short films showing the application of leadership theory.
For the theory videos, students were using HD camcorder, external shotgun microphone, and a tripod. They had just half a day to make these videos. We also had access to Deakin's mobile studio allowing head and shoulders green screen work.
For the application videos, they had the same equipment, but some help from graduates of the course, a professional actor (Melissa Jane), and a professional editor (Blake Borcich). We also set up a rudimentary, room height, green screen studio. The students had a little less than one day to produce their application videos.