Impressions from Syria 2018

Impressions from my trip to Syria over Easter 2018, showing a different Syria, not death and destruction, but joy of life, everyday life, scenes from the Christian community of Kfarbou near Hama, of Tartous and Damascus.

I am aware of the suffering in Syria, but energy flows where attention goes. Not everything is destroyed in Syria. What the people need, are not endless repetitions of pictures and footage of a war torn country, but real compassion and efforts to strengthen hope for a better future and the use of resources.

Should you go there and see for yourself? Absolutely, provided the situation is stable and safe enough and your trip is well organized by either you or an experienced tour guide with local contacts. It will help the Syrians more than sharing unreflected war propaganda and useless calls for action on Facebook.

Read more (sorry, German only): My Interview with Rubikon Magazin,



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