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Metacognitive diversity: An interdisciplinary approach.

Conférence, Paris, les 24, 25 et 26 Septembre 2014.

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Bradd Shore (Emory Univ.)

“‘Looking after the between’: Social relations and meta-cognition in Samoan psychology”

It is telling that when we normally think of metacognition we tend to focus on self-awareness and self-regulation. This bias is in part due to the fact that the domain of psychology is generally assumed to be the individual, and thus psychological functions are often considered to be intra-psychic phenomena. While social life is recognized as a central factor in social psychology, it is my impression that social psychology is generally accorded a somewhat marginal status within psychology. This bias is in some part due to the emphases of our own ethno-psychological models. Samoans, however, have elaborated an understanding of psychological process that sees social relationships as central aspects of basic psychological process and regulation. In this talk I lay out the basic premises of a Samoan ethno-psychology and discuss the importance of social relationships in Samoan understandings of metacognition and psychological regulation.

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