Excerpt: Stalin by Picasso or Portrait of Woman with Moustache (2008)

Excerpt lenght: 1 minute
Film length: 30 minutes
English Dialoge, PAL (4:3), color, mono
Produced and Directed by Lene Berg

Short description: ”Stalin by Picasso or Portrait of Woman with Moustache” consists of a video, a book and three façade-banners. The project deals with the so-called ‘Portrait Scandal’, or `L´affaire du Portrait`, which later has been named the first consequence of Joseph Stalin’s death in 1953. It centers around two great, short men and a drawing that created strong reactions.
On one level, it is about how two icons from the 20th Century, Stalin and Picasso, once were perceived and how much their public personas have changed since then.
On another level, it is about art and artistic freedom, or un-freedom, and of ways of reading and using images, particularly images of so-called great men.
But perhaps the most interesting aspect of this anecdote from the beginning of the Cold War, is how one simple charcoal drawing can initiate so many feelings, discussions and intrigues as this one did - both in 1953, and in 2008.