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Pi Productions

Here are samples from our extensive range of projects - from music to documentary. We were established in 1982, to produce affordable videos. Our toolkit comprises HD and 4K cameras and ways to move them - on a dolly, slider, gimbal, Steadicam, Segway mini or Kessler Jib. Lighting with LED panels or reflectors. 3m x 3m greenscreen. We use a range of microphones, on stands, hand boom, hard wired or radio. Our small studio can be used for audio recording, video interviews, or as a preview theatre. For aerial filming and stills we have both a DJI Mavic Pro and a DJI Inspire 2 UAV (drone). We are CASA UOC licensed ReOC 0624.

Forbes Flatlands Hang Gliding promo

This is a 5 minute excerpt from the 33 minute "Forbes Flatlands" Hang Gliding competition DVD from 2007. The documentary was produced by Robert Pommer of Jacaranda Films. Pi Productions were contracted to Jacaranda Films. I wrote the script, did most of the camera work including the aerial footage, edited and recorded the voiceover. Most of the hang gliders and the ultralight tugs were designed and built by Moyes of Sydney.

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