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Pi Productions

Here are samples from our extensive range of projects - from music to documentary. We were established in 1982, to produce affordable videos. Our toolkit comprises HD and 4K cameras and ways to move them - on a dolly, slider, gimbal, Steadicam, Segway mini or Kessler Jib. Lighting with LED panels or reflectors. 3m x 3m greenscreen. We use a range of microphones, on stands, hand boom, hard wired or radio. Our small studio can be used for audio recording, video interviews, or as a preview theatre. For aerial filming and stills we have both a DJI Mavic Pro and a DJI Inspire 2 UAV (drone). We are CASA UOC licensed ReOC 0624.

Malumba - Walk The Talk

Filmed live at the Tathra Hotel on the Sapphire Coast. Players are:
Dan Efraemson (violin, flute, tin whistles)
John Hoorweg (guitars)
Sam Martin (double bass)
Colin Hoorweg (drums, percussion)

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