"Heart to Heart"

"There's nobody that would work 110 hours a week if it wasn't cool."
- Dr. Pappas talking to a group of high school students.

  1. "Heart to Heart"

    Dr. Pappas once told a group of high school students "Who would want to work 110 hours a week if the job wasn't cool?". When you watch him operate on more and more challenging cases you start to get a sense of why he loves his job. How can it ever get boring when the technology of heart surgery keeps evolving, A program called "Live From the Heart" is produced every week originating from Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn and sent over LIVE to the Museum of Science and Industry. From there it is sent to high schools around the country so students can ask questions to anyone in the operating room. It brings the operation not only to the classroom but into the minds of these students.