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Neven's Spanish Food Trails for USA

Neven's Spanish Food Trails 2018 Ep6: Cadiz

Neven ends his travels around Andalusia in Cadiz, reputed to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe, dating back 3000 years.

When the Spanish went to America they left from Cadiz, and the foods they brought back, such as corn, tomatoes, potatoes and tobacco came back to Europe via the city. Situated on the Atlantic, Cadiz has a different character to those located on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Neven visits the city’s fish market, looking for things that are never sold in Ireland – such as cuttlefish eggs. Sherry in Spain is very different to the sherry that’s sold in Ireland and the UK as it is very dry, and, as Neven discovers when he visits a small sherry bodega (Bodegas Rey Fernando De Castilla), an excellent accompaniment to a variety of food.

Before cooking his final recipe of Prawns in Garlic, Neven meets chef Julio Vazquez who specialises in cooking tuna which in this part of Spain is taken very seriously indeed.

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