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Neven's Spanish Food Trails for USA

Neven's Spanish Food Trails 2018 Ep4: Seville

Seville is the capital of Andalusia, and this week Neven discovers many of the things that make the city famous. Just outside the city, Neven visits an organic farm which produces Seville oranges, and he makes marmalade for the first time.

The Triana district of Seville is the edgier part of the city, well known for producing bullfighters and flamenco dancers and Neven meets Christina Heeren, an American woman who set up a school for flamenco dancers, guitarists and singers.

Seville’s bullring is the most prestigious in Spain, and is where the bullfighting season starts each year on Easter Sunday. The meat from the bulls killed in the bullring is sought after by local restaurants. Neven is shown how to make a traditional Sevillian dish, Oxtail Stew by the head chef in a restaurant and hotel school located close to the bullring.

[The meat used in this dish did not come from the bullring - the series was shot before Easter.]

Neven's finishes this week's programme by creating a seafood stew flavoured with Seville oranges.

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