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fund the things!

Crowdfunding & Venture Capital for Hardware Startups

On May 19th, Crowd Supply ( invited investors, startup founders, and crowdfunders to share their experiences and insights on funding new hardware startups at fund the things! (a ThingWeekPDX event).

Moderator: Klint Finley, Wired

Iotas, Sce Pike
Filament Networks, Matt Bertram
Horizon Partners, Lou Doctor
Portland Seed Fund, Jim Huston

Crowd Supply, Josh Lifton
Society Nine, Lynn Le
Wigl, Vivek Mano

Video courtesy of Citizen, Inc.(

Crowdfunding for Hardware Startups and Physical Goods HD

fund the things! was a ThingWeekPDX event on May 19, 2015 in Portland, OR that covered the funding landscape for hardware and Internet of Things startups.

Josh Lifton (Crowd Supply), Lynn Le (Society Nine), and Vivek Mano (Wigl) share their experiences crowdfunding new products, including successful pre-campaign and marketing strategies, building a team, handling failures, fulfilling products, and what to expect after a campaign is over. Moderated by Wired reporter Klint Finley.

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