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Celebration of Derek Parfit, June 3, 2017, Oxford, United Kingdom

On June 3, 2017, friends, family and colleagues of the noted moral philosopher Derek Parfit gathered in the Codrington Library, All Souls College, Oxford, to celebrate his life. This is a collection of videos, presented in order of appearance, of the 20 talks given that day. These talks offer insights into this great philosopher's personality, life story, and work.

Filming and post production were by Michael Parfit and David Parfit, sound recording was by David Parfit, and still photographs were provided by Theodora (Parfit) Ooms and many of the participants in the celebration. Many thanks to the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics for support of this project.

  1. Theodora (Parfit) Ooms

    Sister of Derek Parfit

  2. William Nimmo Smith, read by Joanna van Heyningen

    Retired Senator of the College of
    Justice in Scotland
    Friend of Derek Parfit and
    his family from 1950

  3. Joanna van Heyningen

    Friend of Derek Parfit's
    family since 1950s

  4. Edward Mortimer

    Fellow, All Souls College,
    University of Oxford
    Former Chief Speechwriter,
    Executive office of the
    Secretary General of the
    United Nations
    Friend of Derek Parfit from 1956

  5. Stephen Fry

    Translator / Editor
    Undergraduate with Derek Parfit, 1962-64

  6. Jonathan Glover

    New College Oxford
    King's College London
    Friend and colleague of
    Derek Parfit since 1960s