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ITD Professional Fellows Program on Civic Engagement with Morocco (Class #1)

ITD is a private nonprofit organization based in Amherst, MA. We have been conducting training and exchange programs for international professionals and students for over 32 years. Our programs bring together leaders from around the world to share cultures, exchange ideas, deepen understanding and spread knowledge. We strive to provide the highest quality programs to our participants, which means a lot of attention to detail and responding to our U.S. partners’ interests and needs, as well as to those of our
participants. This Professional Fellows Program (PFP) is sponsored by the Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) through their Professional Fellows division. The PFP brings together emerging leaders from around the world who are working in civic engagement, the legislative process and governance,
NGO management, economic empowerment and entrepreneurship, and journalism arenas with American counterparts from across the country. ITD is one of fourteen U.S. based organizations chosen to host foreign professionals from countries worldwide. PFP is a two-way, global exchange program designed to promote mutual understanding, enhance leadership and professional skills, as well as build lasting, sustainable partnerships between mid-level emerging leaders from foreign countries and the United States. ITD’s
Professional Fellows Program will bring together emerging leaders from Morocco who are working on civic engagement with American counterparts from across the country.
The selected young professional participants will be a combination of NGO leaders, government officials,
community leaders, educators and experts in civic engagement. The program will focus on multi-stakeholder approaches to building open, civil societies through engaged citizens. Selected participants will complete four-week fellowships with public and private host organizations throughout Massachusetts as well as other
parts of the Northeast.