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Code Week is a project to bring a coding and robotics experience to all seventh grade students in the Holyoke Public School system. Each of the seventh graders in Holyoke have a week with 4 field trips to the classroom at the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center.

During the week, students build a robotic catapult that is launched by a motor triggered by a sensor, code games with Scratch, build a robotic car and program it to avoid obstacles, and create a mobile app. They also learn about the MGHPCC and the scientific research that it supports. This year classes were extended to all grade 8 students as well. Grade 7 received 4 days and the grade 8 students received 2 days building on what they learned last year.

One of the core ideas behind Holyoke Codes is that everyone should have the opportunity to learn about how computers work and how to control them with code. Code is everywhere as computers become ubiquitous in the modern world. By 2020, there will 1,000,000 more jobs in computer science than trained people making this an excellent opportunity for students to enter this high-paying field.