Adult English Classes - Kelly School Partners with Reader to Reader

Encamínate is a combined ESOL and Family Literacy program for parents that takes place at the school their children attend. Parents need to learn English in order to further their own educational and work goals, as well as to support their children’s needs. Meanwhile, it is also important for parents to be empowered to be a positive force in their children’s education and literacy development. Materials and themes in the class support all of these goals.
Encamínate is run in partnership between Reader to Reader and the Holyoke Public Schools, and is taught and directed by Reader to Reader’s Family Literacy Program Director Katy Moonan.

  1. Adult English Classes - Kelly School

    So far they have 29 parents signed up and there is a waiting list for more.
    It is an ESOL class for parents who need to learn more English. It is not only about learning English but a way for them to familiarize themselves with the school and get to know their children’s teachers. It will benefit their children by providing a way for them to help them with their homework and to know what is going on at the school. Reader-to-Reader is a partner in this program.

    Reader to Reader, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to expanding literacy and learning opportunities for the nation's most chronically underserved and vulnerable communities, including inner-city schools, Native American reservations, and poor rural towns.
    Reader to Reader accomplishes this primarily through innovative literacy programs, book & computer donation programs, and the development of partnerships with school districts that extend the capacity of the education system to transform struggling students into joyful and engaged lifelong learners.