26 Suicides

26 Suicides is a 27 chapter, non-narrative new media installation art work.
It is the personal and intimate testimony of BK's synesthetic life.

The videos here are compressed, low-resolution versions.
For high-resolution, limited editions, see: monegraph.com/m4668951502

You can read about BK here:

The 26 Suicides installation uses surround sound and multichannel video to deliver an enveloping, synesthetic experience.
These videos are excerpts, they have stereo audio and use single camera views, offering a taste of the installation.
Only watch them if you are not afraid of dangerous modern* art.

The music and (limited edition) stills can be found here: bkbk.bandcamp.com and here: soundcloud.com/bkk-5

Get in touch via the little mail button, or click on the V for Vimeo button to go to my profile, or hit me up on Twitter: twitter.com/26Suicides

*Yes, BK knows that some draw a distinction between 'modern' and 'contemporary' in respect of art, and BK does not give a fuck about such trivial, insular, arty-farty obscurantism.