Miri Stone


THE HUNTER (Fantasy/Drama, 2016)
"Some things in the woods are naughty and not very nice…"

Written and directed by Miri Stone
Produced by Jonathan Caso, Kylie Walchuk and Miri Stone

CAST (in order of appearance)
Hunter - KC Guyer
Elfin Girl - Tessa Archer
Elfin Man - Conner Marx

Director of Photography - Tracy Nystrom
Production Designer - Karl Lefevre and Erin O. Kay
Editor - Kris Boustedt
Original Music and Sound Design by Eric Goetz

Assistant Director - Jaime Roberts
Camera Operator - Tracy Nystrom
1st Assistant Camera - Candace Fields
1st Assistant Camera - Lael Rogers
Key Makeup and Hair - Nancy J. Hvasta-Leonardi
Prosthetics - Shawn Shelton
Prosthetics Assist - Damon Vanhee
Art Department Swing - Tessa Whitlock
Wardrobe - Kimberlee Iblings
Sound Mixer - Julia Hechler
Boom Operator - Arlo Ballard
Stills - Barbara Kinney
BTS Video - Joshua Shanklin
Production Assistant - Jason Cemanski

Colorist and VFX Post Supervisor - Marisa Brown
Colorist and VFX Artist - Chris Tomkins
Title and Credits by Tania Kupczak
Violinist Jamie Laval

Jacinta Talamaivo and Camp Long
Ben Dobyns and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment
Octopod Films
Seattle Film Institute
Bandersnatch FX
Mike Astle
Jason Aumann
Megan Griffiths
David Killmon
Lacey Leavitt
Sam Mouser
Cam and Leo Stone

Filmed on Location at Camp Long in Seattle, Washington.

Special Thanks to SAG-AFTRA

The events, characters and firms depicted in this motion picture are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual firms is purely coincidental.

© 2016 Miri Stone, Jonathan Caso and Kylie Walchuk.

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