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Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education

A collection of videos about our research, programs and events.

  1. Professional Development for Indigenous Researchers

    Interviews with our Indigenous research leaders and past program participants on the benefits of professional development with an Indigenous focus.

  2. Wing Yan Chan - 2018 3MT® Grand Final - 'The future of our coral reefs?'

  3. Chinchu Mohan - 2018 3MT® Grand Final - 'How much are we eating up our water resources?'

  4. Marnie Graco - 2018 3MT® Grand Final - 'Sleep Apnoea in Quadriplegia - the hidden epidemic with an impossible test'

  5. Jessica Tang 2017 3MT® Grand Final Presentation

  6. Solange Glasser 2017 3MT® Grand Final Presentation