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Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education

A collection of videos about our research, programs and events.

  1. TheNewNormal Webinar Episode4

    Student engagement: Meeting current needs and developing sustainable approaches
    Wednesday 28 October 2020, 12pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)
    Panellists: Associate Professor Thom Cochrane, Dr Chris Deneen, Dr Siew Fang Law, Ms Catherine Manning and Mr Brian Martin
    Abstract: Student engagement is a seminal issue in higher education. As we examine data from our first COVID semester, specific engagement issues appear at the forefront: what does engagement look like when we decrease synchronous learning and can’t ‘see’ our students? How does online engagement differ from in-person paradigms? What are the implications for our practices, cultures, evaluation systems and services?
    In the fourth episode of New Normal webinar series, panellists explore student engagement in the context of the current Covid19 pandemic and beyond. The discussion will focus on how we might best define, support and evaluate engagement. Panellists will also discuss what ‘deep’ versus ‘surface’ engagement looks like and how we may avoid mistaking one for the other.

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  3. Access to what?

    The second higher education policy discussion in the 2019 series addressed such questions as:

    How can we better integrate HE, VET and other post-secondary education?
    What new forms of post-secondary education should we be developing?
    How can we achieve greater equity in access, success and graduate outcomes?
    How can we make lifelong learning a reality and what new types of credentials and qualifications are needed?

    It featured contributions from an expert panel:
    Associate Professor Nadine Zacharias, Director, Student Engagement, Swinburne University of Technology
    Dr Gwilym Croucher, Senior Lecturer, Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education, University of Melbourne
    Professor Duncan Bentley, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Swinburne University of Technology
    Professor Kerri-Lee Krause, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), La Trobe University

    The event was facilitated by Maxine McKew, Vice Chancellor's Fellow, The University of Melbourne.

  4. Professional Development for Indigenous Researchers

    Interviews with our Indigenous research leaders and past program participants on the benefits of professional development with an Indigenous focus.

  5. Finding Common Ground: enhancing interaction between domestic and international students

    Academic staff and students at various Australian universities speak about the differences they encounter with and as international students. This video was produced as part of the 2010 Finding Common Ground research project led by Melbourne CSHE Associate Director Sophie Arkoudis and involving colleagues from other Victoria based institutions.

  6. Transformations driven by emerging technologies and forms of participation, 5 November