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Covington & Zand Family Law - Fort Bend County - Richmond TX

Call 281-762-0578 and visit In these videos, Family Law Attorneys Vonda Covington and Jamie Zand talk about topics related to divorce in Texas including uncontested divorce, divorce mediation, collaborative divorce and litigated divorce.

Vonda and Jamie are partners in Covington & Zand, PLLC, a Family Law firm located in Richmond, Texas, and serving clients from all over Fort Bend County.

Our Contact Information:
Covington & Zand, PLLC
412 South 9th Street
Richmond, TX 77469
Phone: 281-762-0578

Viewing these videos does not create an attorney-client relationship. The attorney-client relationship is formed only when you and Covington & Zand, PLLC, have expressly agreed to an engagement in writing. This is general information intended to educate the public. You should consult an attorney to understand how Texas law applies to your particular facts.



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