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CNN Covers the Hajj, 2002 to 2006

A selection of natural sound and news packages from CNN's coverage of the Muslim Pilgrimage, the Hajj. Shot over five different years, our coverage covers many aspects of one of the most picturesque religious events.

  1. CNN Covers the Hajj 2002 to 2006

    'CNN Hajj Special 1427' - CNN's Zain Verjee anchors a special on the Annual Muslim Project, the Hajj.

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  2. Hajj 1424 - Sights and Sounds

    In this natural sound package one is taken from the streets of Mecca through all the rituals of the annual Muslim pilgrimage, the Hajj, as over three million people fulfil their religious obligation.

  3. Hajj 1427 - Hajj 101

    CNN's Zain Verjee outlines the basic process of the Muslim Pilgrimage, the Hajj as Pilgrims begin to arrive for the annual ritual.

  4. Hajj 1427 - VO - Hujjaj Arrivals

    Pilgrims fly in from every corner of the world as the date for the Muslim Pilgrimage, the Hajj, nears. CNN follows the pilgrims as they arrive at Jeddah International Airport.

  5. Hajj 1427 - African Hajj

    CNN's Zain Verjee follows African pilgrims as the arrive for the annual Muslim Pilgrimage, the Hajj

  6. Hajj 1427 - Hajj Security

    CNN's Zain Verjee reports on the security preparations undertaken by the Saudi authorities as it prepares from the Hajj, the annual Muslim Pilgrimage.

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