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CNN in Northern Afghanistan 2001

Barely two weeks after 9/11, CNN were set up in the northern Afghan town of Jabul Seraj providing coverage from the frontline of the war against the Taliban. The packages that follow are a sampling of the stories we covered while we were there.

  1. CNN in Northern Afghanistan, Sept. to Nov. 2001

    ''The Northern Alliance Holds the Line' - Baghram September 2001

    CNN's Matthew Chance examines the last line of defence that has stopped the Taliban from overrunning northern Afghanistan, the Northern Alliance, and natural allies for a gathering coalition of Western forces ready to invade Afghanistan in retaliation for the 9/11 attacks on the USA.

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  2. Afghanistan 2001 - General Babajan

    General Babajan leads the Northern Alliance forces facing off against the Taliban at Bagram Airbase just north of Kabul. This package looks at the battle readiness of his troops barely a couple of weeks after the September 11th attacks in New York.

  3. Afghanistan 2001 - Afghans and their Guns

    CNN's Matthew Chance explores the centrality of guns in the life of Afghans who's society seems to be dominated by the legacy of war.

  4. Afghan Weapons Factory - Afghanistan 2001

    'Afghan Weapons Factory' - Afghanistan 2001

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  5. Afghanistan 2001 - War Clouds Building across the Shomali Plains

    CNN's Matthew Chance examines the rising tensions on the front lines between the Taliban and the Northern Alliance as a US-led alliance gets ready to unleash it wrath on the supporters of Osama Bin Laden.

  6. A "Motley" Crew - Baghram September 2001

    A natural sound package showing off the military hardware of the Northern Alliance forces based around the Baghram Airbase, the frontline of the war against the Taliban

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