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Business Improvement Districts Scotland (BIDS) has been established to support and encourage the development of Business Improvement Districts across Scotland, to aid the regeneration and asset management of our towns and villages, business parks and tourism and visitor areas.

McMaster Media has been involved with BIDs for several years and has produced a range of films covering all aspects of the BIDs Scotland story. Strong communication is vital to a successful BID. Whether you are communicating with stake-holders, documenting change, gathering support or simply promoting your business, film is the ideal medium to achieve your goals.
For more information about how film can benefit you contact: 0775 458 8892

  1. Ian Davison Porter, Director, BIDS Scotland

    This is a brief but very informative introduction to BIDS Scotland with Director Ian Davison Porter.
    Ian explains the organisation's role, BIDs benefits and flexibility, gives advice on developing a BID, Bathgate's BID success and the importance of the local approach.

  2. Bathgate BID

    As one of the first BIDs Bathgate is an excellent example of what can be achieved. This film shows the physical and economic transformation of the town and was used to communicate with key stake-holders and businesses.

    "A great production and triumphant end to what has been an exciting and rewarding filming process. You have certainly helped to show what is great about Bathgate and the BID."
    Nairn Pearson, BID & Town Centre Manager

  3. Linlithgow BID

    "I had not considered producing a film as part of my marketing plan, then I was made aware of Alan's work through my colleagues at Enterprising Bathgate. I am impressed by how he managed to explain the concept of a BID and how extremely professional looking the finished product was. From the moment I first contacted Alan, I have found that he is prepared to go above and beyond in order to make sure we get the film we need. The price we agreed was very fair for the quality of his work and I will certainly be working with him on our future marketing projects."
    Stewart Ness
    Linlithgow BID co-ordinator & Town Centre Officer Economic Development

  4. More for Business - David Brown Consulting

    'More for Business' is a business benefits package developed by BIDs Scotland to assist BID companies in supporting their local businesses. Being part of the growing BIDs family in Scotland enables the collective purchasing power of all the businesses within BIDs to procure a variety of business services at competitive rates. 
    David Brown Consulting delivers energy & water procurement and utility management expertise to a wide and diverse range of BIDs Scotland businesses.
    This film profiles DBC and demonstrates the benefits they offer through the case-study of Tune Hotels.

  5. BIDs Intern Film

    BIDS Scotland partnered with the "Adopt an Intern" Programme which is aimed at linking Scotland's unemployed graduates with cross-sector organisations throughout Scotland. This film is being used to explain and promote the initiative to prospective interns.

    "It is imperative those who work hard in their education are given opportunities to transfer this drive and enthusiasm to places of employment. This benefits the individuals, the businesses they join and the Scottish economy as a whole." Joy Lewis, Chief Executive Officer, Adopt and Intern.

  6. BIDS - Bathgate Partnership Centre

    Film is a great way to celebrate and share significant developments in your town.
    This film showcases Bathgate Partnership Centre - the triple award winning building at the heart of this thriving town designed by BDP. The building received The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Award, The Carbon Trust Scotland New Build Award and the Edinburgh Association of Architects Building of the Year Award.