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The Faces Of Aids

Although we may not personally recognize their faces, they are the faces of our neighbors, family, and friends. They come from all walks of life and all lifestyles, including our own. They are a picture of every ethnicity and culture, just like us. They share many of our same thoughts and perspectives, connecting with us. They are no longer they, but us.

These 6 faces believed they had very little in common. But they were wrong. All 6 believed that AIDS was something they weren't concerned about. All 6 believed they knew who contracted AIDS. All 6 believed that AIDS happened to someone else. All 6 believed that AIDS happened somewhere else. All 6 were aware of the AIDS virus. All 6 believed they knew how AIDS was contracted. All 6 knew the consequences of risky behavior. And all 6 are HIV positive.

Today, the growing attitude towards AIDS is one of complacency. It's even more important to address the myth that this deadly disease is for someone else, somewhere else. Education is the key. A powerful and eye opening snapshot on The Faces of AIDS.