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Greenpeace: The Story

The creation of Greenpeace is probably the most exciting and heroic environmental adventure of the 20th century. Although powerful now, at the start it was just a small group of hippies, motivated by their vision of a green and peaceful world. Through unpublished archive footage and interviews with Greenpeace's founders, this extraordinary documentary takes an in-depth and first hand look into the organization that has become synonymous with the ecological movement.

Greenpeace's success sprung from their ability to attract the attention of the media through direct action and shocking images. Their willingness to put themselves in harms way brought admiration as well as controversy and ultimately death. It is a story of setbacks, victories and grappling to remain relevant.

With the challenges that face the world today, environmental or otherwise, we can take heart from the fact that a handful of twenty somethings can change the world.