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Cosmic Flows: Cartographers of the Universe


Man has always sought further afield. After the seafaring explorers of the 16th century, 21st century cosmologists today navigate more celestial oceans, with each mission providing an ever-broader and more impressive cartography of our surroundings. At the avant garde of modern technology, these strange travelers are actually immobile, and their vessels are powerful and spectacular telescopes, on the Earth or in space, constantly widening the limits of our knowledge and giving form to our dreams of infinity.

From Hawaii to Australia, via South Africa and China, we set out on an incredible scientific and human adventure to visit the planet's greatest cosmic exploration centers to discover the new challenges involved in understanding the universe. A journey on Earth and in the heavens that will take your breath away!

Featuring: R. Brent Tully of the University of Hawaii, Hélène Courtois of the University of Lyon