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Ketchikan Story Project

Every town has a story. Some are just more interesting than others.
Ketchikan, Alaska’s story includes chapters on old time prospectors who ventured to Alaska to find their fortunes, burly handloggers who helped build the town by cutting timber with (practically) their bare hands, swashbuckling bush pilots who flew supplies and people to remote locales, and other intrepid pioneers who came to Alaska to start a new life, save the lost, minister to the weary, and/or misbehave. If you want to get to know a true frontier town, start by watching The Ketchikan Story Project's latest installments here. Or visit to see the rest of the story.

  1. How to Start a DeHavilland Beaver

    You may never need to know the tricks of starting a DeHavilland Beaver, but just in case: Here’s how!

  2. Mining in Ketchikan: The Early Prospectors

    Ketchikan was a mining town before it was pretty much anything else. Miners in the late 1800s tromped through town on their way to and from the Klondike. In 1900, there were as many as 100 miners in town, digging holes and prospecting for gold, copper and other of the Earth’s gems. Not much was found in the early years, but in the mid 1950s, a couple of newlyweds found one of the biggest uranium deposits ever discovered in Alaska.

  3. Mining In Ketchikan

    Mining is on the upswing in SE Alaska and poised to be the next boom industry as mining companies move to discover how to sustainably extract a mother lode of rare earth minerals. Currently, China the lion’s share of these minerals, which are necessary to produce all manner of digital technologies.

  4. Falling Trees

    A logger’s job is dangerous and falling trees is not just as simple as chopping them down. First you have to figure out which way the tree is leaning, where the wind’s coming from, and where you want the tree to fall. It’s part mathematics, part intuition, and part triumph of industry.

  5. Into the Woods: The Logger's Lingo

    From choker setters and riggin’ slingers to bull bucks and side rods, loggers have a language all their own. Learn some of the lingo. You never know, you could run into a logger one day and have to make conversation!

  6. Chainsaw 101