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Ketchikan Story Project

Every town has a story. Some are just more interesting than others.
Ketchikan, Alaska’s story includes chapters on old time prospectors who ventured to Alaska to find their fortunes, burly handloggers who helped build the town by cutting timber with (practically) their bare hands, swashbuckling bush pilots who flew supplies and people to remote locales, and other intrepid pioneers who came to Alaska to start a new life, save the lost, minister to the weary, and/or misbehave. If you want to get to know a true frontier town, start by watching The Ketchikan Story Project's latest installments here. Or visit to see the rest of the story.

  1. Loggers v. Lumberjacks

    Turns out, at least in SE Alaska, there is a big difference between loggers and lumberjacks. Loggers are the doers—out there actually cutting down trees—and lumberjacks are the professional timber athletes who can do everything a logger does only with much lighter equipment and at ten times the speed.

  2. Flightseeing: Ketchikan, Alaska

    Hop in a floatplane and take a tour of Misty Fjords National Monument in this beautiful video that showcases some of the most beautiful sights on Earth.

  3. Lost in Ketchikan? We will find you!

    Hiking in Ketchikan is one of the best outdoor activities there is. In this informative video, members of Ketchikan’s Search and Rescue team give tips and strategies on how to make your hike successful. Tip #1: Stay on the trail!

  4. Tongass Trees: A Tutorial

    The Tongass National Forest is full of Sitka spruce and red and yellow cedar. Learn how to identify these trees and then discover how they’re used in the marketplace.

  5. First Flights: Learning to Fly in Ketchikan

    SE Alaska’s weather and terrain makes it an especially challenging place to fly, especially in an occupation where you learn by doing. Hear from Ketchikan’s bush pilots about how they learned the ins and outs of flying in Ketchikan.

  6. Glassy Water Landing: Ketchikan, Alaska

    One of the most challenging maneuvers for a seaplane pilot is to land his or her aircraft on a glassy sea. Hear some of the best floatplane pilots in the world talk about the intricacies of landing on a mirror-like surface.