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Thinking Schools Ethiopia

Tigray Ethiopia - Whole School Professional Development 16-17 October 2015

By Dagim Melese - Thinking Schools Ethiopia Country Co-Lead Professional Development Trainer.
a two days whole staff training was undertaken for over 400 teacher educators under the leadership role of the Trainer of Trainers (ToT) . The ToT trainers played key role in effectively transferring via modeling the essential components of the training to ALL educators from Wukro. After the two days training teachers from 2 primary and 1 secondary schools from each Wereda came up with their plan (in a Flow Map) of whole school implementation of Thinking Maps in their respective schools. Worth mentioning it is, here, that the training hall chosen at Wukro site contributed a lot to the success of the overall training. The training was in the P1130313auditorium within a Catholic School located in Wukro. It was superb in space, excellent in sound, and sufficient quality chairs and tables for the large group.

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