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pTools Virtual Conference 2020

Identity & Risk: Financial Services in a Time of Transformation & Uncertainty.
Virtual Conference 22nd October 2020

  1. Legal Entity Identifier Applications Software

    pTools has created a new and enhanced application to aid in processing LEI applications and issuing LEIs to applicants.We have highlighted it's top 10 features in this video.

    Watch to learn more!

  2. International Securities Identification Number Applications Software

    We are dedicated to providing the best quality services and software to our clients.
    Watch this video to learn about the top ten features of our ISIN applications software.

  3. Corporate Actions & Announcements Applications Software

    pTools has created an improved software to aid process automation for corporate actions & announcements.

    Watch this to learn more about its top 10 features!

  4. OPENING KEYNOTE SPEECH - Constantin Gurdgiev

    In the opening keynote speech for our Global Virtual Conference, economist and lecturer, Constantin Gurdgiev, investigates the global socio-economic effects of COVID-19, including uncertainty and volatility in financial markets.

  5. SESSION ONE – Digitalization of Exchange Processes - How technology is driving efficiency and transformation.

    Panel discussion with: Hideki Tomita, Paul Janssens, William BaoBean, Tiaan Bazuin & Tom Skinner.

  6. EMEA Keynote speech- Clare Rowley

    EMEA Keynote presentation by Clare Rowley.