Recent projects

Design and video direction, 2D and 3D animation, produced by The Creative Bit
Contact: Gavin Jones on 07956 545534 or email

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  1. KPMG Conference Opener

    This opening video set the tone for a Partner Meeting, against a backdrop of the current world economic situation

    The girder grid which features in the video was a highly visible part of the ceiling in the Frankfurt venue, so very relevant for the audience sitting under it. It was modelled and animated in 3D and then layered with 2D graphics and edited clips by The Creative Bit for Unspun London

  2. Travelex "Feel-good"

    An event Opening Video that reminded the audience of Travelex staff of their achievements in the previous year

    The time-lapse footage was purchased from libraries and the still images we had shot especially for the video. Design and editing, 2D and 3D animation by The Creative Bit for Mongoose

  3. Jaguar Land Rover Environmental Initiative Awards Event

    This video opened the Jaguar Land Rover Ei Awards.

    It features the solid wood laser cut awards which would be given out at the event but as these were not available in time for a shoot we made them in 3D and animated them. Created by The Creative Bit for Optimum Projects

  4. Cash Passport

    At a time when Travelex was selling its Cash Passport business including all infrastructure and staffing to Mastercard, this video was made to highlight what the Cash Passport product was and how it worked.

    Directed, animated and edited by
    The Creative Bit for Mongoose

  5. The Loss Adjuster

    One in a series of documentaries that The Creative Bit directed and edited for a DVD and website, about the engaging work of the Loss Adjuster

  6. KPMG - CASH

    Two of KPMG's experts talk about the importance of understanding the cash in your company accounts

    This was shot on location in the clients offices but made very good use of hired props to turn a plain office into a more interesting environment ... 2D graphics helps support the story and highlight the key points made

    Directed and edited/animated by
    The Creative Bit for Half Pint Productions