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Jeff McBride - MagicQuest / Promo Video Collection

If you are promoting a private performance of Jeff McBride - MagicQuest, these videos are available for your use. Discuss how to go about that with Tobias Beckwith.
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  1. MAGICQUEST 43sec 720 24fps v04_1-VIMEO.mp4

    Trailer Introduction to Jeff McBride - MagicQuest

  2. MQ flash promo V5.mp4.mp4

  3. MagicQuestTB2ZZZ.mp4.mp4

    Producer's Intro to Jeff McBride - MagicQuest

  4. MagicQuest media promo.mp4.mp4

  5. Social Mq Promo1-1.m4v.mp4