1. JV2 2017

    Jasmin Vardimon Company presents JV2 2017

    Tour Dates: jasminvardimon.com/calendar

    Video: Guy Bar Amotz
    Music by: Dear Earth
    Graphics: Raanan Gabriel

    Supported by: Arts Council England, Kent County Council.

  2. Pinocchio Trailer // Jasmin Vardimon Company

    Award winning choreographer Jasmin Vardimon presents Pinocchio
    A brand new adaption based on the classic Collodi fairytale.

    World Premiere: 27th August 2016

    Tour dates: jasminvardimon.com/calendar/

    Co-commissioned by Gulbenkian Canterbury, Sadlers Wells and Kent County Council.
    Supported by Art Council England

  3. PARK trailer // Jasmin Vardimon Company

    Park is an urban oasis, a place of refuge from ordinary life where eight characters play, fight, fall in love and learn to survive. In this playground of relationships, young lovers wrestle in a historic fountain, a graffiti artist sprays his story, a busker finds his only appreciative audience in a bag lady and a flag-waving bully rants worn out political beliefs. Their stories intertwine creating a modern day fairytale that is alternately sharp, funny and cruel.

    Reworked for 2014 with new 3D imaging and multi-talented cast, Park presents a breathtaking collision of highly acute physical theatre, text, athletic dance and funky music, delivering fresh statements about our time.

    Video: Guy Bar-Amotz
    Camera: Vinicius Salles, Guy Bar-Amotz

    For more details visit jasminvardimon.com

    ©Jasmin Vardimon 2014
    Music for this clip by Alter Ego

  4. Jasmin Vardimon Company Repertoire

    For touring information 2016 onwards visit jasminvardimon.com

  5. Maze // Trailer // Jasmin Vardimon Company

    Maze is an immersive new performance presented by Jasmin Vardimon Company and Turner Contemporary. Choreographed by critically-acclaimed director Jasmin Vardimon, in collaboration with Ron Arad and artist Guy Bar-Amotz.

  6. Justitia // Excerpts // Jasmin Vardimon Company

    A daring, sharp-edged piece of physical dance theatre, Justitia delves into the depths of our justice system, inviting the audience on an investigative journey as it unravels the multiple truths concealed behind a gripping crime story.

    In a film-like replay of events, the audience witnesses the action from different perspectives – at the crime scene, in the court house, inside an intimate group therapy room – revealing new realities as a series of secrets unfold. A verdict must be reached – was it murder, manslaughter or self-defence?

    Punctuated with provocative and dark humour, Justitia treats us to Vardimon’s unique brand of highly acute physical theatre, theatrically staged on a large revolving set. Fiercely athletic and intricately detailed, this production delivers a generous mix of energetic dance, a sharp script and an exhilarating soundtrack.