Creative Producer

Email: koji.inamura@creativecontent.asia
Phone: +852 5202 2822
Skype: kojiinamura

For 20 years now, Koji has been toiling away in those dimly-lit, sci-fi styled, audio-visual suites of satellite and cable television broadcasters throughout the Asia region. And the tasks have been as many as his talents and abilities. He literally lives and breathes the business and has acquired experience that has seen him evolve into a truly international multi-media man - a veritable Renaissance man of the technological information age. He knows the hardware, he knows the software, and he knows what’s needed to get the job done. Whether it means rolling up his sleeves for hands-on action with his 4K Camera, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and Protools, conducting business at the highest levels in English and Japanese, or talking shop with industry peers in Mandarin and Cantonese, Koji has many bases covered. Add to this repertoire his skills in localization, subtitling, and even getting behind the microphone delivering high quality voice-overs, you can breathe easy knowing you now have your solution to a multitude of your media requirements.

Koji Inamura - your one-stop media services provider.