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Front Range Anthroposophical Cafe

The healthy social life is found
when in the mirror of each human soul
the whole community finds its reflection,
and when in the community
the virtue of each one is living.

This is the Motto of Social Ethic.

-Rudolf Steiner
"Verses & Meditations”

FRAC : Tom Altgelt & Robert Karbelnikoff - Part I (8/14/20)

'The Spiritual Geography and Destiny of North America'

For the next two FRAC sessions, Tom Altgelt and Robert (Karp) Karbelnikoff will engage in a lively conversation, exploring their shared interest in the geography, history, and culture of the North American continent from the perspective of spiritual science.

Tom has been on a long-term journey to forge a living relationship with the Hopi people out of the wellspring of spiritual science, and the Foundation Stone Meditation in particular.

Robert has conducted extensive research into the deeper mysteries of the landforms of America and how they bring to expression the cultural challenges and opportunities facing us today.

At a time when many perceive a significant intensification in the incarnation of Ahriman in North America, it is important that we also enhance our capacity to incarnate the being of anthroposophia in North America--a process that invites us to understand and spiritually root ourselves ever more fully into the history and landscape, culture and peoples, challenges and opportunities of this remarkable place on earth.


Robert (Karp) Karbelnikoff is a consultant, educator and social entrepreneur whose work is deeply informed by the by the insights of the philosopher, seer and social activist Rudolf Steiner. Robert is the former executive director of the Biodynamic Association in North America (2008-2017) and of Practical Farmers of Iowa (2001-2005) and is currently a founding faculty member of Thoreau College in Viroqua, Wisconsin. You can learn more about Robert's work and his writings on his website

Tom Altgelt, Co-Host for the Anthroposophical Cafe, grew up in California and discovered anthroposophy in Germany of four decades ago, while working there as a landscape architect. You can see his biography under About Us" on our FRAC website. Tom has published a number of articles in Lilipoh and Being Human magazines on the analogy between the life cycle of a plant and our path of inner development. He is currently on the advisory committee for the Biodynamic Agriculture conference and is the contact person for anthroposophy in Boulder, Colorado.

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