Chondrite Meteorite, Extremely Large, from M.S. Rau Antiques

This rare Chondrite meteorite, found in Morocco, is a stony meteorite of incredible size. As phenomenal in composition as it is in appearance, this meteorite is primarily comprised of the dust and grains present in the early solar system that were accreted, or pulled, to the meteor's growing mass by gravitation. Due to their remarkable beginnings, these amazing otherworldly treasures provide important clues to understanding the origin of the Solar System, as well as life on Earth. This extraterrestrial wonder is completely untreated and contains small flecks of metal that make it magnetic, a quality common to most found meteorites.

Weighing nearly 66lbs, this meteorite boasts an incredible density and impressive size. This astonishing stone dates from the early phase of the solar system, and is believed to have originated form the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter nearly 4.7 billion years ago. A complete meteorite of this remarkable size, age and origins is of the utmost rarity.

7 7/8" wide x 20 7/8" long x 10 3/4" deep
Item # 30-2029