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Living Nightmares

When AMC wanted a frightening and terrifying experience for their Fear Fest audience they looked no further than BiG MACHiNE to create a dark and dreary atmosphere and gruesome visual effects.

Popular screenwriter, actor, producer and director Kevin Smith hosts 14 frightful nights of classic horror films with 10 interstitial mini-mockumentaries all produced, shot, and edited by BiG MACHiNE.

BiG MACHiNE and director Steve Petersen tackle things that go bump in the night with these 10 Living Nightmares. Each horrifying story explores the possible “what ifs” behind the bone chilling myths of some of our favorite movies. With alien invasions, creepy crawlies and cannibals we don’t blame you for keeping the lights on. So sit back, relax and try not to scream too loud.

  1. Abduction

  2. Evil Spirits

  3. Hallows Eve

  4. Cannibals

  5. Blood Work

  6. Invasion