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Pathways to Learning

September 2020 Video Schedule

POLST with Dr. James- Pathways, Fall 2020

Making your wishes known is important for individuals of all ages. These wishes are often deeply personal and based upon your particular values and beliefs.
You will gain valuable insight on this topic from Dr. James D’Amico, Medford Leas Medical Director. In particular, Dr. D’Amico will focus on POLST—Practitioner Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment.
POLST is a healthcare planning tool that empowers individuals to work closely with their medical team to detail their wishes in terms of their personal goals and medical preferences when facing a serious illness. Unlike other documents, such as an advance directive, a completed POLST form is an actual medical order that becomes a part of an individual’s medical record. It is valid in all healthcare settings.
View this program to gain constructive knowledge on this important topic. The goal of this session is to share information and to encourage participants to then engage in discussion with loved ones, family members, and healthcare professionals so that your wishes will be known and honored.

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