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2011 Ka‘ahahui o ka Nāhelehele Dryland Symposium

2011_8: Melora Purell "Pelekane Bay Watershed Restoration: Rolling with Mother Nature's Punches"

Melora Purell provides and update on the Pelekane Bay Watershed Restoration Project, including expected and unexpected challenges. The Pelekane Bay Project is just one example of a large scale restoration project. This large project includes restoration of 400 acres of native vegetation along 6 miles of stream corridors and installation of 100,000 native plants. Melora discusses key considerations for large scale dryland watershed restoration projects, including the plant pallet; seed and water sources; and a flexible and efficient planting design. To date the Pelekane Bay project has fenced 6,000 acres to protect plants from invasive ungulates, planted more than 30,000 native plants, laid more than 5 miles of irrigation line, built 90+ sedimant check dams, and grown more than 30 species of native plants from seeds they collected.

This talk was presented at the 2011 Nahelehele Dryland Forest Symposium: "Facing Change" on February 25th, 2011 in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. The symposium highlight dryland forest ecology and restoration efforts in Hawai‘i.

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