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William Forsythe

Wiliam Forsythe over zijn dansvisie, zijn opvattingen over danscompositie en zijn theatrale opvattingen.

LOVE SONGS 1979 William Forsythe

Love Songs (1979)

choreografie: William Forsythe
uitvoering door de dansers van het Joffrey Ballet, NYC
aanpassing voor TV door William Forsythe
regie: Thomas Grimm

zang: Aretha Franklin en Dionne Warwick

uitgebracht in 1980
duur: 25 min
De Theaterschool bilbiotheek catalogusnummer: 3544

review in The New York Times:

citaat uit een artikel door Sharon Verghis in The Australian van 28 feb. 2015:
"FOR a man whose life revolves so centrally around movement, Forsythe came to dance late. Born in New York on December 30, 1949, he recalls himself “dancing all the time” but did not start formal training until his late teens. Innately musical — his grandfather was a violin prodigy — the young Forsythe played “bassoon, violin, flute, sang in choruses”. He choreographed high school musicals and was reportedly an “extremely good club dancer” who would sneak into nightclubs with a fake ID (“I also worked in a club [in Florida], with people pushing dollar bills in my undies,” he has said)."

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