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Go Write One

Hey there! My name's Jack Tempchin. I write songs all the time. I've written a lot of hit songs and I love every minute of it. And maybe I can pass that love along to you. I've made these videos for people who are interested in songwriting. I'm trying to inspire and entertain, without using a mechanical approach telling you the nuts and bolts like everyone else does; You can find that on the internet and it's really great. But I have a different take on it...

I want to talk about the non-linear, spiritual, magical aspects of songwriting. How you reach inside of yourself and get a great idea and pull it out of your heart and people can feel it. That's the kind of thing Im talking about. Im hoping that each time you see one of these videos, you will be inspired to sit down and write a song. In other words, I am hoping that you'll want to 'Go Write One'

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