These women are the innovators, problem-solvers and dreamers who live right next door. They’re passionate about their work, hobbies, families and helping to make the world a better place. They share their strategies for overcoming challenges and finding success and joy in jobs where women are underrepresented, and inspire girls to pursue all kinds of interests and career paths.

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  1. Rachel Gitajn – Bicycle Engineer

    Rachel turned her passion for art, engineering and the outdoors into a dream job designing bikes that she loves to ride.

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  2. Rachel Obermoller – Pilot / Aviation Representative

    Rachel merges her life-long love of flying with government oversight work, taking aviation safety to new heights.

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  3. Dr. Bridgette Shannon – Chemist

    Bridgette’s formula for success is using her love of chemistry to develop groundbreaking products at work and create natural remedies for her family at home.

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  4. JoNette Kuhnau – Traffic Engineer

    JoNette grew up far from city streets, but she’s driven to improve the way that urban transportation flows.

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  5. Denise Bailey – Welder / Instructor

    Meet Denise, or “Seven” as her friends call her, a welder, artist and instructor who forged her own path as a woman in the trades.

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  6. Caroline – Software Engineer

    Caroline channels her creativity and all the facets of her personality into engineering tech applications that give people meaningful experiences.

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