Here is a quick selection of some video programs as samples of what you can find in the EquiFAVA Archive -- if the programs are multi-part, just the first segments is included here.

* "Alois Podhajsky - 1952 Spanish Riding School"
* "Grand Canyon Mule Ride"
* "Beasts of Burden"
* "Cutter Bill - The Golden Palomino Cutting Horse Champion"
* "The Heartbar Shoe & Burney Chapman"
* "Morocco - Under the Spell of Horses"

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Pt 1 - Beasts of Burden: Working Together for Equines

The ongoing effort in helping to allay the mistreatment of horses, mules, and donkeys throughout the world and to bring about change and education to those who use equines for work-related purposes, be it agriculture or anything else.