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  1. “The Business Dinner Differentiator – Wine!”

    Corinne Kruse, JD
    Vice President and Head of Reinsurance Claims and Recoveries
    Zurich American Insurance Company

  2. The Ferguson Effect – Is the Bias Real or Imagined?

    Brian Gainer
    Partner, Chairman Municipal Liability Practice Group
    Johnson & Bell

  3. Visualization Technology – Seeing the True Perspective

    Douglas R. Morr, M.S., P.E. / S-E-A Limited

  4. Cyber & Cell Encryption Privacy Issues_ What’s in Your I-Phone?

    David Attisani
    Partner, Choate Hall & Stewart
    Jack Cinquegrana
    Partner, Choate Hall & Stewart
    Honorable Mitchell Dembin / United States Magistrate Judge For the Southern District of California