Your Destiny in Your Hands: An Introduction to the fascinating world of Hasta Sāmudrika (Indian Hand Analysis)

The hand is a mirror that reflects the trajectory awareness takes through the human form. Hasta Sāmudrika Śāstra is the fascinating and intuitive ancient sacred Indian language of the hand. Discover how hands are symbols that encode character, tendencies, talents, health, psychology and other life themes.

In this introductory session, you will learn why and how the hand is such a powerful tool for self-understanding and discovery. Together, we will explore the basics of this ancient sacred art, and learn about the classification of hands according to the elements, or pañcamahābhūta. Come discover the destiny in your hands!

Claudia Anfuso is an astrologer, advisor, teacher, and event producer. Curious and committed, Claudia is inspired by her explorations of meditation, Yoga, Tantra, Advaita Vedānta, and esoteric and spiritual sciences including Jyotiṣa (Vedic Astrology), Hasta Sāmudrika Śāstra (Indian Palmistry), Vāstu (architecture and design theories from ancient India), and Chinese Polestar Astrology.

Indian Hand Analysis

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