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Your Body Electric with Charles and Teresa Baltzell

Healing is voltage. We are electromagnetic, or "beings of light". Bio-electricity is vital to life. Every living function, consciousness or unconscious, physical or mental, is powered by low levels of electrical current.

Our universe is a field of electronmagnetic waves spinning in 3D geometric patterns: atoms, electrons, protons, galaxies, water and you. Restoring the integrity of your bio-electrical field restores your health!

In Your Body Electric, Teresa and Charles explains:
1. How to increase voltage in water and body
2. How to reduce inflammation and heat
3. How to optimize your brain and body.

The mission of Charles and Teresa at Health and Wellbeing Greenville is helping individuals with "any condition" rehabilitate their central nervous system and heal naturally without drugs. They are members of an international neuroscience research group and Academy of Comprehensive Integrated Medicine. Licensed, board certified, neuroscientists acupuncturists.

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