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SVARAM, Centre for the Craft, Art & Science of Sound with Aurelio

The SVARAM Center is emerging from the original Musical Instruments Manufacture, initiated in 2003 as a grassroots development project in the field of musical instrument craft, art, research and socio-cultural impact. Initially started as a vocational opportunity for youth at risk, in 2011 the UN Initiative “Music as a Global Resource” adopted it as one of first 50 projects working worldwide towards achievement of the Millennium Goals through socio-cultural-creative enterprising approaches.

Currently, Svaram is in the process of creating a versatile center on dedicated land in the Auroville Galaxy plan, as a cutting-edge facility and unique curriculum to advance sound innovation, research and practices for education, personal growth, well-being and human unity.

Musician, educator, ethnomusicologist, researcher, sound designer and sound healer. Through his extensive travels and studies all around the world, he has become a noted pioneer in the development and manufacturing of innovative musical instruments at Svaram, Auroville.

SVARAM, Cdntre for the Craft, Art & Science of Sound

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