The Mind of Cells with Dr. Marco Masi

In this presentation, Marco Masi investigates consciousness, mind and the brain from the perspective of modern neuroscience and in relation to the spiritual cosmology of Sri Aurobindo. We will try to answer the question whether our mind and consciousness are only a material epiphenomenon of our brain, as the modern physicalist science assumes. We will discuss how science is slowly becoming aware that the present materialistic paradigm is increasingly untenable and it is discovering what Mother calls “the mind in the cells”.

Dr. Marco Masi worked as a scientist in universities in Italy, France and Germany. He has authored: Free progress Education, and two-volumes Quantum Physics: An Overview of a Weird World. Marco’s philosophical interest is in the synthesis of East and West - science and spirituality - as summarized in his latest book Spirit calls Nature.

Mind of the Cell

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