The Importance of Vital Education in the Light of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother with Dr. Alok Pandey

Sri Aurobindo speaks of an evolutionary layer between the body and mind which is called the vital, the domain of dynamic force of life. It consists of a range of different forces starting from fear, sex, rage, which belong largely to the animal kingdom, up to the higher idealizing emotions that uplift our thought-bound humanity to a higher and vaster spiritual consciousness.

Most of our modern-day education emphasizes the development of mental faculties, but neglects the development and nourishment of the emotional content of life. Thus, it becomes not only one-sided but also dangerous for the development of human beings. This webinar will focus on this aspect of the often neglected vital education in the wholistic development of humanity.

New Perspectives in Integral Education: Dr. Alok Pandey on Vital Education

New Perspectives in Integral Education: Importance of Vital Education

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