The Future of Ayurveda with Kashyapa Fisher

As we gyre and swirl amidst the dazzling and daunting waves of exponentiated change that sweep through our world, culture, technology and health- what role is there now for the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda? Is it merely a thing of history? An antiquated and now unrealizable or impractical philosophy of medicine? What relevance might Ayurveda have in an age of global climate change, space colonization, genetically modified foods and bio-hacking? Join us to distinguish the relative from the ubiquitous in a journey to discover that timeless knowledge which may best serve our present moment.

Kashyapa is Founder and Director of AROGYA, a NM-based Pancha Karma Clinic and Center for Advanced Training in Clinical Ayurveda and Pancha Karma. Kashyapa maintains a full-time, comprehensive clinical practice rooted in the principles of Shuddha Ayurveda.

Future of Ayurveda

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