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The Coming Age of Mental Subjectivism, Part 1 and 2 with Jared Quek

In this New Perspectives webinar on the stage of mental subjectivism as described by Sri Aurobindo in The Human Cycle, Jared Quek Jian Zhi discusses how, despite the apparent darkness and chaos of current times, there is every sign that the world is entering into a new and wonderful era of the Spiritual Age. He will share his thoughts on the ‘myth’ of Atlantis and its cardinal importance to the coming age of mental subjectivism. 

Part 2, he will focus on the importance of the ‘myth’ of Atlantis to this new stage, and argue how mental subjectivism is a recovery of the scientific, artistic and spiritual gains of a previous cycle of civilization. He will also raise the radical speculation that Atlantean civilization not only once existed – but is still in existence.

The Coming Age of Mental Subjectivism, Part 2: The Myth of Atlantis

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